DNA Relationship Testing

Our company offers a wide range of services for DNA testing, ensuring sensitivity and confidentiality in all aspects. Our reliable services ensure accurate and thorough results, allowing you to make informed decisions about your genetic relationships. Whether it's for legal matters or personal intrigue, we cater to your specific requirements and provide reliable solutions for DNA testing.

A variety of Lab Testing Services
Dna Informational Test Service

Empirical Health Services' Deceased DNA Testing Collection service takes a thoughtful and respectful way to preserving your loved ones' genetic heritage. We recognize the importance of DNA in inheritance claims and are here to help. Our skilled team collects and preserves DNA samples with care, keeping records for a duration of 15 years. This time frame allows for adequate consideration of any potential inheritance claims. We care about your peace of mind, and we're committed to assisting you in honoring your family's history while also providing a trusted resource for future possibilities.

Legal DNA Testing

We provide legal Dna testing, which is done by obtaining a tissue sample from inside the father's and child's cheeks. These cheek cell (Buccal cell) samples are then tested at a DNA testing lab. and are then presented with testing results.

Gender Reveal Testing

Our early gender test allows you to determine your baby's gender before traditional ultrasound appointments. With a small blood sample, this convenient and non-invasive test accurately determines the sex of your unborn baby. It adds excitement and anticipation to your pregnancy, allowing you to bond with your baby even before they are born.

Ancestry DNA Test

Our DNA analysis service reveals the origins of your family's DNA by tracing historical migratory patterns. This comprehensive analysis provides insights into your lineage and genetic heritage. Through in-depth examination, you can uncover diverse places your ancestors called home and gain a deeper understanding of your roots. Uncover the secrets hidden within your DNA and unravel the story of your ancestors through our thorough analysis.

Immigration DNA Test

USCIS mandates DNA testing services for immigration purposes, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Our professional team ensures the confidence and documentation needed to navigate the immigration process smoothly. Our comprehensive DNA testing solutions help meet the necessary standards and regulations set by USCIS, ensuring that you meet the specific demands of family-based immigration or other immigration-related matters.

Avuncular/Materteral DNA Test

The avuncular/materteral DNA test is a valuable tool for determining a child's biological relationship with their paternal aunt/uncle. It helps confirm or clarify family connections, legal proceedings, inheritance, custody battles, and personal knowledge. By comparing the genetic profiles of the child, father, and father's sister/brother, the test determines the probability of a biological relationship. This test relies on the analysis of specific genetic markers, providing accurate and reliable results.

Paternity DNA Test

A paternity DNA test is a non-invasive, simple method for determining a father's biological relationship with a child. It collects samples using a cheek swab and is used for both legal and private purposes. It provides accurate and reliable results, making it a popular choice for clarifying biological relationships and aiding in legal matters like child custody and inheritance rights.

Grandparent DNA Test

A grandparent DNA test is a valuable tool for establishing a biological connection between grandparents and a child, especially when the father is deceased or unavailable for paternity testing. This test helps clarify doubts and uncertainties regarding paternity, providing crucial information for legal or personal reasons. It is a reliable and efficient solution for families seeking a better understanding of their genetic ties.

Sibling DNA Test

Our sibling DNA report is a crucial tool for determining the likelihood of sibling relationships. By examining genetic markers, it helps reveal if siblings share a common parent or have no common parents. This analysis provides insights into the sibling relationship, clarifying doubts about biological connections and confirming strong bonds. Our DNA analysis expertise ensures accurate and reliable results, providing clarity and certainty in any sibling relationship.

Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test

A non-invasive prenatal paternity test is provided for pregnant women to determine the paternity of their unborn child. This test involves collecting blood samples from the mother and a cheek swab from the potential father, which are then sent to a laboratory for analysis and testing. This method eliminates the need for invasive procedures and ensures a safe and reliable method for establishing paternity without posing risks to the mother or the unborn baby.